We Are For The Birds!

Our stock is raised without the use of chemicals, herbicides, growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics.  We are committed to raise and produce genetically sound emus with strong bloodlines.

We Are Dedicated to Quality and Diversity!

We are a family run ranch which supports natural and caring agricultural practices.  We provide a low stress, free-range environment which encourages productive and "naturally" happy birds with calm temperaments.  These measures ensure we produce a high quality fat for our refined emu oil and nutritious high-protein, low fat meat high in vitamins and minerals.

Proud Members of the American Emu Association!

Emu Meat Products:

​Emu meat is an excellent alternative for health-conscious consumers.  When compared to venison, ostrich, bison, beef, turkey and elk, Emu meat ranks top in 15 out of 20 categories of protein, fat, cholesterol, vitamins and minerals, and second in 3 others.*  It is also a tasty, safe and nutritious alternative to anyone allergic to mammal meat.  Our packaging is done by a USDA inspected facility and meets all health standards for the industry.

​*University of Wisconsin-Madison, June, 2000 Alternative Meat Study and USDA Nutrient Database.

Wyoming's only Emu Ranch providing hand raised Emu Birds, Emu Meat & Emu Oil Products

We use only quality emu oil which meets the American Emu Association Oil Certification Standards.  We will not sell any products which contain emu oil from outside the United States.

​We look for ingredients which add the fewest chemical additives possible.    We consider our products "natural" due to the lack of synthetic detergents, petroleum by-products or genetically modified ingredients.

​We test all our products ourselves, through family members and focus customer groups.  We will not sell a product that is not tested and proven effective.

Amazing Emu Oil:

​Emu oil is full of essential fatty acids which promotes natural healing of dry or damaged skin.  Emu oil is also high in collagen and anti-oxidants which hydrates and rejuvenates tired skin tissue.  Emu oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and aids in relieving hard to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne and eczema. 

Emu oil works to heal cuts, scrapes and burns.  It takes away the pain associated with burns and can reduce blisters and scarring. Emu oil has also been successful in treating surgical incisions and lacerations by increasing blood flow and draining away redness and inflammation.

​Emu oil penetrates deeply into the skin to deliver other nutrients and is an excellent carrier for essential oils.    Due to it's anti-inflammatory properties, Emu oil provides a natural treatment for arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, shingles, carpal tunnel syndrome and fibromyalgia.  Athletes, both professional and recreational, benefit from emu oil to loosen up tight muscles and treat after game injuries.

All emu oil products are NOT created equal.  We  guarantee quality products by following these painstaking guidelines :

-Quality Emu Oil

-Quality Ingredients

-Product Quality and Effectiveness testing