We are relatively new to the industry and after researching and trying emu oil based products, we are excited to be providing soaps, lotions and other health and beauty products that are natural and beneficial.  We use and test every product we produce, ensuring that they are of the highest quality.  We will not make or sell anything we don't believe in. The benefits we've experienced from using emu oil-based products and the testimony of those using our products fortifies our belief in the healing powers of this centuries-old natural remedy. 

We are excited about what we have begun, and look forward to being able to provide natural lotions and soaps that can be of benefit.  We have personally replaced all mass-produced soaps and ointments in our home with these emu oil-based items .

‚ÄčWe hatch and raise all of our birds by hand to ensure they are healthy and well-cared for.  No growth hormones or chemical additives are used in their raising to ensure natural growth.

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